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This page will explain you the use of your personal data

My username

Your username, chosen freely while remaining correct (no vulgarity in particular), is unique and allows you to identify yourself on Meet2Geek.It allows you to distinguish yourself from other Meet2Geek members.

Your username is visible to other users, including:

You can change your username at most once a week.

My birth date

Your date of birth allows us to make sure you have over 16 years old (because for now, registration on Meet2Geek is only possible for people aged 16 or over).

Your date of birth is also used to indicate to other Meet2Geek members your age, in the following cases:

Indeed, one of the advantages of Meet2Geek is to allow its users to meet gamers who are in the same age range: knowing yours becomes then necessary!

My email address

Votre adresse mail est utilisée :

My physical address

Your postal address is only used to locate you regarding meetings organized by other Meet2Geek members. More precisely:

What use for my personal data?

All the information you indicated when you registered are used only by and for Meet2Geek. You are free to edit them or to delete your entire user account and its associated data.

I understand, but still...

Any doubt is legitimate! If you have any question or if you estimate we are not transparent enough about the use that is made of your personal data, send us an email to Not only will we answer you personally, but we will also update this page if needed!